Умышленное сокрытие или неправильное сообщение о симптомы нового коронавируса COVID-19 будет считаться уголовным преступлением, объявили 15 февраля власти Китая. Об этом сообщает агентство БЕЛТА со ссылкой на китайскую газету Beijing Daily . За такое поведение нарушителям грозит смертная казнь. Утаивание истории путешествий также будет расценено как преступление, отметил суд. Если по причине болезни человека вирус распространится дальше и вызовет другие заражения, больного могут обвинить в угрозе общественной безопасности, сообщает издание. В отдельных случаях за это предусматривается наказание в виде лишения свободы сроком до 10 лет, пожизненного заключения или даже смертная казнь. Китайская национальная комиссия по здравоохранения запретила людям с кашлем, лихорадкой или другими симптомами

BEIJING (AFP, REUTERS, BLOOMBERG, XINHUA) - The number of new cases from China’s coronavirus epidemic dropped for a third consecutive day on Sunday (Feb 16), as the World Health Organisation chief warned it was “impossible” to predict how the outbreak would develop. Global concern remains high about the spread of the virus, which first emerged in China’s central Hubei province in December, with the first death outside Asia reported in France this weekend. The death toll jumped to 1,665 in mainland China on Sunday after 142 more people died from the virus. In hardest-hit Hubei, 139 more people died from the virus, a number that was level with Saturday’s toll. According to the national health commission, there were 2,009 new cases reported across the country – the third day of declining cases after a spike earlier in the week due to a change in the way cases were counted. Meanwhile, a total

Пока мы отвлекались на обсуждение значимых исторических событий, незаметно подкралось еще более важное событие – день Святого Валентина) И, значит, настала пора поздравлять влюбленных! Какова, позволительно будеть спросить, главная идеология, выражаемая праздником Св.Валентина? Конечно же, любовь. Любовь к любимой. Любовь к любимому. Любовь к человеку вообще. Иными словами, гуманизм – великая идеология, в центре которой находится человек. А что является антиподом любви? Ненависть к человеку. Человеконенавистничество. Кто является наиболее ярким символом современного человеконенавистничества? Конечно же, шведская девушка Грета Тунберг, проповедующая гретинизм. Гретинизм, агрессивно навязываемый в последнее время с самых высоких трибун, как уже отмечалось, представляет собой

WUHAN (AFP, REUTERS) - More than 2,600 new cases were confirmed from a coronavirus outbreak in mainland China, health officials said on Saturday (Feb 15), a day after people returning to the capital from holidays were ordered to quarantine themselves for 14 days. The total of confirmed infections across mainland China was now 66,492 after 2,641 new cases were confirmed, as of Friday, the National Health Commission said. The death toll rose by 143 to 1,523, it said, with most of the new deaths in central Hubei province and in particular the provincial capital of Wuhan, the city of 11 million people where the outbreak began in December. National Health Commission official Liang Wannian told a news conference the government would continue to try to contain the spread of virus in Wuhan, which has been under virtual lockdown for three weeks. The commission was focused on

(Reuters) - Here are the latest developments around the coronavirus outbreak: FILE PHOTO: A man wearing a mask is seen at the Shanghai railway station in Shanghai, China, as the country is hit by an outbreak of the novel coronavirus, February 12, 2020. REUTERS/Aly Song/File Photo - China’s death toll reached 1,367 as of the end of Wednesday, up 254 from the previous day, the country’s National Health Commission said on Thursday. Across mainland China, there were 15,152 new confirmed infections on Wednesday, bringing the total number to 59,805, it said. - Hubei reported a record rise in deaths and thousands more cases on Thursday under a new diagnostic method, which uses computerised tomography (CT) scans to look for infections. It had previously allowed infections to be confirmed only by RNA tests, which can take days to process and

GENEVA (REUTERS) - The number of cases of infection with the new coronavirus in China has stabilised, but the apparent slowdown in the epidemic spread should be viewed with "extreme caution", the head of the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Wednesday (Feb 12). "This outbreak could still go in any direction," the WHO's director-general, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, told a briefing in Geneva. At the end of a two-day meeting on science and innovation into measures to tackle the new viral outbreak, Dr Tedros welcomed the "positive response of the research community" at short notice "to come up with concrete plans and commitment to work together". He added that a WHO-led advance team that travelled to China earlier this week had made "good progress" on the composition and scope of its work. China on Wednesday reported

BEIJING (REUTERS, BLOOMBERG, AFP) - The death toll from China’s coronavirus epidemic rose to 1,380 on Friday (Feb 14) but the number of new infections in hard-hit Hubei province fell after a change in case definitions caused a massive increase the previous day. The central province’s health commission reported 116 more deaths and 4,823 new cases, the majority involving “clinically diagnosed” patients. The province, the epicentre of the outbreak, on Thursday reported 242 more deaths and over 14,800 new cases for Wednesday. Around 64,000 people have now been infected in the country. Health officials in Hubei said they started to count clinically diagnosed cases to ensure that patients get treated as early as possible instead of having to wait for laboratory tests to confirm they have the Covid-19 disease. The change raised concerns that the crisis may

După demiterea, miercuri, a celor mai înalţi oficiali însărcinaţi cu controlul epidemiei de coronavirus din Wuhan, mass media chineză tocmai a raportat că Chen Wei, expertul principal al Chinei în domeniul armelor biologice, urmează să fie trimisă la Wuhan pentru a conduce eforturile împotriva epidemiei de coronavirus. Potrivit raportului cotidianului Armatei, Chen Wei este general major. Numirea sa a survenit împreună cu rapoarte care arată că trupele chineze au început să „ajute” situaţia din Wuhan, soldaţii putând fi observaţi chiar pe străzile oraşului, înarmaţi cu automate şi muniţie de război. Evoluţia pare să sugereze că Partidul Comunist Chinez a trimis armata, cea din urmă carte pe care o deţine, pentru a stăvili răspândirea epidemiei. Sau nemulţumirea oamenilor, aflată în creştere, datorată modului în care Partidul a tratat problema

SINGAPORE - The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in China’s Hubei province spiked drastically on Wednesday (Feb 12) after new diagnostic guidelines for confirming cases kicked in, Chinese doctors said Thursday (Feb 13). Under the broader criteria now used to “clinically diagnose” cases, the death toll in central China’s Hubei province rose by 242 to 1,310 as of Wednesday, the provincial health commission said on Thursday. These figures have been revised to include cases that have not been lab-confirmed. The new guidelines have been similarly applied to the tabulating of confirmed infections, which rose by 14,840. Of this, 13,332 cases were diagnosed under the new category. As of Wednesday, there are 48,206 confirmed infections in Hubei, according to official figures, with 3,441 discharged from hospital. In a circular last

Health authorities in Hong Kong quarantined roughly 100 residents living in the same apartment complex after two residents tested positive for the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. The residents affected by the illness — a 62-year-old woman and a 75-year-old male patient — lived on separate floors of Hong Mei House, sparking fears that the virus could be transmitted through drainage pipes. Hong Kong's Centre for Health Protection said they were investigating whether or not the two cases were linked and urged residents to clean and disinfect pipes and putting down the toilet lid before flushing. Fears from 2003 Hong Kong is still reeling from memories of the SARS outbreak in 2003 which killed over 100 people in the region. More than 300 of the cases of SARS in Hong Kong had been linked to a large apartment complex in which the virus spread through the

Есть ли заявленный китайским руководством рост экономики в 6% по итогам 2019 года? Зарубежным аналитикам приходится ориентироваться на косвенные факторы роста (примерно как в России, где данные Росстата тоже проверяют по косвенным признакам – например, по грузоперевозкам РЖД и потреблению электроэнергии). Один из таких косвенных показателей для определения динамики китайской экономики – внутреннее потребление золота. И данные по этому показателю за 2019 года таковы. Общий объем внутреннего спроса на золото, согласно данным CGA (China Gold Association), в 2019 году сократился на 12,9%. При этом потребление золота ювелирной промышленностью снизилось на 8,1%, спрос на слитки и монеты со стороны инвесторов упал на 27%, «иной

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