O delegație comună a Forumului Civic al Românilor din Covasna, Harghita și Mureș (FCRCHM) și a Asociației Calea Neamului din Brașov va fi prezentă duminică, 23 februarie a.c., la ora 16.30, în fața Palatului Cotroceni, pentru a cere Instituției Prezidențiale să NU promulge legea Codului Administrativ prin care limba maghiară devine a doua limbă oficială în statul român. Vorbindu-ne despre acest nou protest organizat la București, inițiatorul acțiunii, doctorul Mihai Tîrnoveanu, președintele Asociației Calea Neamului și, totodată, vicepreședinte al FCRCHM a spus: „De ce îi vom cere Instituției Prezidențiale să NU promulge legea Codului Administrativ adoptată prin Ordonanță de Urgență anul trecut? Pentru că prin această lege se pulverizează caracterul Limbii Române de unică limbă oficială, maghiara devenind practic a doua limbă oficială în statul român. 1. Acolo unde minoritatea maghiară este într-un

WUHAN (REUTERS) - The death toll from the new coronavirus in mainland China passed 2,000 on Wednesday (Feb 19) although the number of new cases fell for a second straight day, as authorities tightened already severe containment measures in the worst-hit city of Wuhan. China’s National Health Commission reported 1,749 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infections, the lowest daily rise since Jan 29, while Hubei province – the epicentre of the outbreak – reported the lowest number of new infections since Feb 11. The latest figures bring the total number of cases in China to over 74,000 with 2,004 deaths, three quarters of which have occurred in the Hubei provincial capital of Wuhan. The city of 11 million people, where the virus first appeared last year, is under virtual lockdown. Chinese officials have said the apparent slowdown in infection rates is evidence the flu-like virus is being brought

The ruling Chinese Communist Party looks set to postpone the annual meeting of the National People's Congress (NPC) as large parts of China remained under lockdown amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, state media reported on Monday. "The party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has ... stressed that the epidemic prevention and control work must be taken as the most important work at present," state news agency Xinhua reported, adding that attempts to contain the epidemic are in a "critical period." It said many NPC delegates are busy with epidemic control work, and that this should take priority. But it said the final decision rests with the NPC standing committee. If, as looks likely, the NPC is postponed, the meeting of its sister body, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) will be

Taiwanese doctor says lower respiratory tract symptoms distinguish Wuhan coronavirus from common flu. TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As confusion and rumors swirl around both the common flu and the Wuhan coronavirus, a Taiwanese doctor says that the key signs of the latter are lower respiratory tract symptoms, while a runny nose and sore throat are more likely signs of the flu. Over 80 percent of those presenting symptoms of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) develop a fever. However, because there is also an influenza epidemic raging, many patients with the flu also have a fever, making the two difficult to distinguish initially. Su I-feng (蘇一峰) a pulmonologist at the Yangming Branch of Taipei City Hospital said that COVID-19 primarily affects the lower respiratory tract. Therefore, lower respiratory symptoms such as a cough and difficulty breathing

BEIJING (AFP, REUTERS, BLOOMBERG) - The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak in mainland China reached 1,770, up by 105 from the previous day, the country’s National Health Commission said on Monday (Feb 17). The number of new deaths in China’s central Hubei province from the coronavirus outbreak rose by 100 as of Sunday. Henan province, which neighbours Hubei, saw three deaths on Sunday, with the remaining two in south-east China’s Guangdong, which is next to Hong Kong. Across mainland China, there were 2,048 new confirmed infections on Sunday. The total accumulated number so far has reached 70,548. The Hubei health commission said the total number of cases in the province had reached 58,182 by the end of Sunday, with 1,696 deaths. The number of new cases rose nearly 5 per cent from the previous day, but the

Sfantul Mare Mucenic Teodor Tiron a trait pe vremea imparatilor Diocletian, Maximian si Maximin, in secolul al III-lea. A slujit in oastea imparatului roman si L-a slavit pe Dumnezeu cu moarte muceniceasca in vremea persecutiei lui Maximin, in jurul anului 303. Biserica il praznuieste in ziua de 17 februarie si in prima sambata din Postul Mare, numita si "Sambata Sfantului Teodor", in care se

face pomenire de minunea colivei, savarsita de sfant la multi ani dupa fericita sa adormire. "Harul minunilor tale cel de Dumnezeu daruit, mucenice Teodor, il asterni peste toti cei ce alearga la tine cu credinta. Pentru care, te laudam pe tine, zicand: pe cei robiti ii rascumperi, pe bolnavi ii tamaduiesti, pe cei saraci ii imbogatesti si izbavesti pe cei ce plutesc cu corabiile; alergarea spre cele zadarnice ale slugilor o opresti si descoperi pagubele celor carora li s-au facut; pe ostasi ii inveti sa se fereasca de robie; pruncilor le

WASHINGTON - Reports one day suggest the respiratory outbreak in China might be slowing, the next brings word of thousands more cases. Even the experts have whiplash in trying to determine if the epidemic is getting worse, or if a backlog of the sick is finally getting counted. Continuing questions about the new virus are complicating health authorities’ efforts to curtail its spread around the world. And the United States is taking the first steps to check that cases masquerading as the flu won’t be missed, another safeguard on top of travel restrictions and quarantines. Here’s what you should know about the illness: What is the new virus? It’s a never-before-seen type of coronavirus, a large family of viruses that affect both animals and people. Some types cause the common cold. But two other types have caused severe disease outbreaks before: SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome,

BANGKOK (THOMSON REUTERS FOUNDATION) - As the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the new coronavirus, becomes the latest urban centre to face a deadly disease outbreak, city planners and physicians say such densely packed hubs are particularly vulnerable and may need a redesign. Wuhan, a city of about 11 million, has been under virtual lockdown for over three weeks. More than 1,400 people on the mainland have died, according to the authorities. The outbreak has brought to mind another deadly epidemic, Sars, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, which killed more than 770 people between 2002 and 2003. That disease's epicentre was a housing estate in Hong Kong, among the most densely populated and socio-economically unequal cities in the world. With more than two-thirds of the global population forecast

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