Germany Is Developing a Hypersonic Weapon for Defence Against Russia, Die Welt Reports


BERLIN, ( – At the end of 2018, the Bundeswehr has started a program for creation of a hypersonic weapon for counteraction to the aggressive policy of Russia, learned, according Die Welt article. The new systems will be designed for defence purposes only and will have to be able to hit the “new Russian tanks and missiles”, explains Peter Heilmeier, Director Sales and Business Development Germany at the European arms group MBDA. In the words of Heilmeier, it is about the development of a guided missile that travels at speeds greater than Mach 5. The project is entirely German and the first working prototype must be ready within three years. In May, the American Lieutenant General Neil Thurgood announced that the ground battery of the first US hypersonic weapon would include four Transporter Erector

Launchers (TELs), each of which would be mounted on an M870 trailer. Russian President Vladimir Putin presented the hypersonic weapon systems called “Avangard”and “Kinzhal” in a speech to the Federal Assembly in March 2018 with the claim that there was no counteraction against them. source: bulgarianmilitary