As the parishioners gathered at the historic Cathedral of Saint John the Divine on Palm Sunday, a fire broke out in one of the basement storage rooms of the massive cathedral on Amsterdam and 114th Street. The fire started as the first service was finishing, around 10 a.m. One cathedral staffer commented they thought the incense was stronger than usual. As the smoke thickened, they soon realized it was much more than incense. Soon the smoke was scything through the catacombs to the cathedral’s Nave. The fire was declared “all hands” and additional fire apparatuses were called to the scene. Firefighters said they located the blaze in a storage room on the north side of the Cathedral’s maze-like basement after navigating darkened, smoke-filled hallways. The fire was declared under control after an hour. Amsterdam Avenue was clogged with fire engines, ladder trucks and ambulances. Firefighters said the

Stindardul liturgic al lui Ştefan cel Mare a fost transportat vineri cu un avion militar spre Paris, urmând să fie prezentat într-o expoziţie de broderii româneşti de tradiţie bizantină care se va deschide la Muzeul Luvru, a anunţat managerul Muzeului Naţional de Istorie a României (MNIR), Ernest Oberlander-Târnoveanu. "Astăzi, 5 aprilie, la 102 ani şi două săptămâni, Stindardul liturgic al lui

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