The two-day conference will explore the security challenges of modern disinformation and its implications for an increasingly interconnected world. The Global Security Forum is an annual international gathering bringing together a multi-disciplinary network of experts, practitioners, and policy-makers from government, security, academia, media, entertainment, international organizations, the humanitarian sector, the private sector and beyond to come together to discuss the world’s most pressing topics. This invite-only event provides a unique platform for international stakeholders to convene and offer solutions that address the international community’s leading security challenges. source: defenceone

For too long, the focus of U.S. counterintelligence has been safeguarding government secrets and corporate intellectual property. If the U.S. government is to fight off disinformation — which can now be created on an industrial scale and spread globally not just by states but also by terrorists and criminals — it must reinvigorate and broaden the practice of counterintelligence. For too long, the focus of U.S. counterintelligence has been safeguarding government secrets and corporate intellectual property, particularly by thwarting foreign efforts to recruit potential thieves. We must remember that counterintelligence also means warding off efforts to divide and weaken us. We can draw on our Cold War experience and update our responses to reflect modern technologies. Russia’s disinformation war on the West is hardly new. Former KGB

RIYADH (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin signaled Moscow’s growing Middle East clout on Monday on his first visit to Saudi Arabia in over a decade, buoyed by Russian military gains in Syria, strong ties with Riyadh’s regional rivals and energy cooperation. Moscow accrued power in the Middle East in 2015 by sending troops to Syria, where it and Iran have been key backers of President Bashar al-Assad amid civil war, while the United States pulled back. Saudi Arabia sided with Syrian rebels. On the eve of Putin’s trip, U.S. troops abruptly retreated from northern Syria as Russian-backed government forces deployed deep inside Kurdish-held territory under a deal to help fend off a Turkish cross-border offensive. Russia

WASHINGTON, (BM) – US officials met in recent days to review plans to remove some 50 nuclear weapons housed under American control at the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey amid growing tensions with Ankara, learned, according The New York Times report. US President Donald Trump said Monday he would issue new sanctions against Turkey, halting trade negotiations and raising steel tariffs, in an effort to pressure Ankara to stop its ongoing offensive attack in Syria against Kurdish forces. While the Pentagon does not discuss where it stores nuclear assets, the B61 gravity bombs are believed to be kept at Incirlik as a deterrent to Russia and to demonstrate America’s commitment to NATO, the 28-member military alliance that includes Turkey. Two officials told the paper that State and Energy Department officials

Compania de construcții de infrastructură a statului chinez și Makyol, una dintre cele mai mari companii de construcții din Turcia, au experiență în special pe mari proiecte interne, iar pe piața internațională au lucrat aproape fără excepție în Africa și Asia. În 2018, turcii de la Makyol au semnat un parteneriat cu Fondul de Investiții Directe al Rusiei, pentru a lucra împreună la Moscova. China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) și Makyol Group, mari companii de construcție de infrastructură din China și Turcia, au fost selectate de guvernul demis al Vioricăi Dăncilă să intre în parteneriat public-privat cu statul român, pentru construcția autostrăzii Ploiești-Brașov, proiect care se ridică la 1,4 miliarde de euro și în care România ar urma să bage 25% din bani, dacă această formulă va fi agreată de viitoarea guvernare. Cele două companii, una deținută de statul comunist chinez, iar cealaltă cu capital privat, au mare experiență în construcția de șosele, porturi,

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