Catholic historian calls for ‘a trial of communism analogous to the Nuremberg Trials’

Professor Roberto de Mattei warned a conference in Rome that the 'communist virus' has also infected the Catholic Church. February 13, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Catholic historian Professor Roberto de Mattei called for “a trial of communism analogous to the Nuremberg trials” at a national conservatism conference held in Rome last week. He noted that the “communist virus” is not conquered, but has infected much of the West as well as the Catholic Church. Professor de Mattei explained (read full text below) that the idea of launching an appeal for the trial of communism came last October from the now deceased Vladimir Bukovsky and Professor Renato Cristin. Professor de Mattei said he was convinced that in the 20th century, “there was no crime comparable to that of communism, in terms of the length of time that it lasted, the geographical territory it embraced, and also the amount of

Андрей Илларионов: Агнетизм против гретинизма

Пока мы отвлекались на обсуждение значимых исторических событий, незаметно подкралось еще более важное событие – день Святого Валентина) И, значит, настала пора поздравлять влюбленных! Какова, позволительно будеть спросить, главная идеология, выражаемая праздником Св.Валентина? Конечно же, любовь. Любовь к любимой. Любовь к любимому. Любовь к человеку вообще. Иными словами, гуманизм – великая идеология, в центре которой находится человек. А что является антиподом любви? Ненависть к человеку. Человеконенавистничество. Кто является наиболее ярким символом современного человеконенавистничества? Конечно же, шведская девушка Грета Тунберг, проповедующая гретинизм. Гретинизм, агрессивно навязываемый в последнее время с самых высоких трибун, как уже отмечалось, представляет собой

Pompeo says criticism of Trump’s ‘America First’ policy doesn’t ‘reflect reality’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday defended the United States’ foreign policy approach and dismissed criticisms that the Trump administration disregards international alliances. “The West is winning, and we’re winning together,” Pompeo said in a speech at the Munich Security Conference. A day prior, Germany’s president kicked off the annual Munich Security Conference by taking a swipe at President Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy approach. HO: Mike Pompeo US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo adresses the audience on the podium during the 56th Munich Security Conference in Munich on February 15, 2020. Andrew Caballero Reynold | POOL | AFP via Getty Images MUNICH — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday defended the United States’ foreign policy approach and dismissed criticisms that the Trump administration disregards international alliances. “I’m happy to report that the

U.S. Michael R. Pompeo Remarks at the 2020 Munich Security Conference - video


MUNICH, BY, GERMANY 02.15.2020

source: dvdid

NCSC Unveils the National Counterintelligence Strategy of the U.S. 2020-2022

The National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) unveiled the National Counterintelligence Strategy of the United States of America 2020-2022, outlining a new approach to counterintelligence to address threats that have evolved significantly since the last strategy in 2016. “Today’s strategy represents a paradigm shift in addressing foreign intelligence threats as a nation. While past counterintelligence strategies categorized the threat by our top foreign nation-state adversaries, this one focuses on five key areas where foreign intelligence entities are hitting us hardest and where we need to devote greater attention – critical infrastructure, key U.S. supply chains, the U.S. economy, American democratic institutions, and cyber and technical operations,” said NCSC Director William Evanina. “With the private sector and democratic institutions increasingly under attack, this is no longer a problem the U.S.

SRM: Odorheiu Secuiesc va organiza în luna iulie festivalul handbalului şi al culturii Bazinului Carpatic

Cluj-Napoca/Odorheiu Secuiesc, joi, 13 februarie 2020 (MTI) - Federaţia Ungară de Handbal (MKSZ) va organiza, în luna iulie, la Odorheiu Secuiesc, festivalul handbalului şi al culturii Bazinului Carpatic. Evenimentul a fost anunţat joi, în cadrul unei conferinţe de presă, la Odorheiu Secuiesc, de către organizatorii locali şi cei din Ungaria. După cum a anunţat Árpád Jakab, organizatorul principal, turneul de handbal al Bazinului Carpatic şi Festivalul cultural se vor desfăşura în perioada 9-13 iulie. Evenimentul face parte din seria de evenimente dedicate anului solidarităţii naţionale, organizate cu ocazia centenarului dictatului de la Trianon. Organizatorii au avut ca obiectiv faptul că sportul ajută nu numai la menţinerea sănătăţii, ci şi la consolidarea comunităţii şi identităţii. István Juhász, coordonatorul Centrului Academic al MKSZ, a declarat că turneul va fi deschis pentru echipe de tineret cu jucători născuţi între 2006-

IMF chief hopes for global policy response to mitigate coronavirus impact

The International Monetary Fund hopes governments and central banks will work on a response to the coronavirus outbreak once the economic impact becomes clear, IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said on Friday. Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Georgieva said the next few weeks would be crucial to build up a “bottom-up” picture of the impact of the virus in China and worldwide. “So then we can agree on synchronized, or even better, coordinated measures to protect the world economy from a more serious shock,” Georgieva told delegates. “Can we do it? Yes. Are we going to do it? I actually think that we will.” A World Health Organization-led joint mission with China will start its outbreak investigation work this weekend and will focus on how the new

Russia to deploy new air defense systems in northern Kyrgyzstan

Russia is planning to deploy new anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense equipment and drones at its airbase near the town of Kant in northern Kyrgyzstan, said Nurlan Kirisheyev, Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Kyrgyz Armed Forces. Kirisheyev said that Russia is upgrading the airbase’s runways, and that these steps will “improve security in the region”, Radio Liberty reports. He added that the deployment of the systems will take place according to an agreement signed during a visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Kyrgyzstan last summer. Since 2003, Russia has been using the Kant military airfield in the Chuy Region of Kyrgyzstan, 20 km east of Bishkek, as its own airbase, and promotes it as the primary airfield for providing air support to the Collective Rapid Reaction Force of the CSTO (the Collective Security Treaty Organization, which includes Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and

Russia will be the first country to create nuclear underwater drones (UUV), US said

WASHINGTON, (BM) – Russia may be the first in the world to create an attack nuclear unmanned underwater vehicles. The West does not have such technologies, warned the American magazine Forbes, learned According to the publication, already now Moscow has an intercontinental autonomous torpedo “Poseidon” with a nuclear power plant and a nuclear warhead. It is often called a drone, but this is not so: the device is designed for a one-way route. In addition, he does not have the characteristics that are necessary for submarines to perform ordinary operations. In addition to Poseidon, in Russia there is an autonomous atomic turbine generator designed to supply electricity to the infrastructure located at the bottom of the sea. Specialists of the Malachite Design Bureau proposed to install this generator on conventional submarines. Such a “serving submarine” will have its own team,

Russia starts developing defenses against hypersonic missiles

The Russian Defense Ministry has decided to develop a new multipurpose long-range interception missile system which will even be capable of intercepting hypersonic weapons, Izvestia reports, citing sources in the ministry. The news agency writes that, at the military department’s request, theoretical work has already been done on a super long-range air-to-air missile with a splitting warhead, and work is currently underway to determine the characteristics and composition of the prospective system. One of the candidates that is being considered is the future intermediate-range K-77M aircraft missile (as a warhead). The plan is for an aircraft to fire a long-range “special munition” with several air-to-air missiles in the direction of the target. At a certain point, the munition will launch the separate missiles, which will then approach and attack the target, even if it is hypersonic. The use of several missiles, instead one,

The Pentagon announces active testing of hypersonic weapons in 2020

WASHINGTON, (BM) – The US military will begin active testing of hypersonic weapons in 2020, said Admiral Charles Richard, head of the Strategic Command (STRATK) of the US Armed Forces, learned He called 2020 “the key to the development of hypersonic weapons,” RIA Novosti reports. “The agency is beginning to actively conduct flight tests in many areas and is preparing an industrial base for the production of these systems,” Richard said. According to the head of STRATKOM, the development of hypersonic weapons will provide the United States with a “permanent, visible and global presence,” which is aimed at “influencing enemy behavior at all stages of the conflict without crossing the nuclear threshold.” According to Richard, through the development of these systems, the United States “will provide effective containment potential.” Earlier it was reported that the United States stopped

SRR: "Будут первыми мишенями" России: Сенатор Джабаров сделал предупреждение воинствующим европейцам

Российский сенатор Владимир Джабаров прокомментировал заявление президента Литвы Гитанаса Науседы о помощи США и НАТО в "сдерживании" России. Эксперт напомнил, что на республику никто нападать не собирался, но тут же сделал предупреждение для воинствующих европейцев: "В случае любого, не дай Бог, конфликта с Россией они будут первыми мишенями возможного ответного удара", сказал сенатор. Ранее в Литве в очередной раз попытались напугать Москву воинствующей риторикой. На этот раз отличился президент этой прибалтийской республики Гитанас Науседа, объявив о помощи США и НАТО в "сдерживании" России. Он заявил, что, мол, размещение войск альянса в Прибалтике, и на территории Литвы в том числе, является "сильным сдерживающим фактором для России". Своё мнение по этому поводу высказал первый

Оздоровление предприятий ОПК – приоритет власти Версия для печати Обсудить на форуме К такой сложной задаче нельзя подходить с бухгалтерским менталитетом

Еще находясь в категории кандидата в премьер-министры РФ, в середине прошлого месяца, на пленарном заседании Госдумы Михаил Мишустин заявил, что России необходимо оздоровить предприятия Оборонно-промышленного комплекса (ОПК) и провести их конверсию. Он отметил, что предприятия, выпускающие гражданскую продукцию, «успешно действуют в российском ОПК». «Его дальнейшее развитие – без сомнения, наш приоритет. В условиях стабилизации гособоронзаказа (ГОЗ) особенно важно оздоровить, нормализовать финансовое положение оборонных организаций, активно проводить диверсификацию предприятий ОПК и наращивать выпуск гражданской наукоемкой продукции», – добавил Мишустин. 23 января информированный источник сообщил агентству Интерфакс, что финансовое оздоровление ключевых предприятий

Russian foreign intelligence chief focuses on war on terror at talks with UAE counterparts

Earlier, Emirates News Agency reported about a visit of the Russian delegation headed by Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Director Sergei Naryshkin to Dubai. MOSCOW, February 12. /TASS/. Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Director Sergei Naryshkin held talks with top officials of the special services of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), focusing on new risks and threats in the fight against international terrorism, Sergei Ivanov, the spokesman for the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, told TASS on Wednesday. "On February 12, Director of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service S.E. Naryshkin held talks with top officials of the UAE special services, which focused on the prospects for cooperation in the field of fight against international terrorism, new challenges and threats to the two countries’ national interests," Ivanov said. "They stated that the approaches assessing regional crises and solutions to them are

На Черноморском флоте – кадровые перестановки

В Севастопольском Доме офицеров под руководством командующего Черноморским флотом вице-адмирала Игоря Осипова состоялось расширенное заседание Военного совета ЧФ. Игорь Осипов представил нового заместителя командующего ЧФ по вооружению капитана 1 ранга Валерия Хоруна и нового заместителя командующего ЧФ по материально-техническому обеспечению (МТО) генерал-майора Илгара Кахраманова. Черноморцы хорошо знают Валерия Хоруна – выпускника Черноморского высшего ВМУ им. Нахимова, который многие годы прослужил на ЧФ. И новый замком хорошо знает ЧФ. Был, например, флагартом в бригаде десантных кораблей. С должности заместителя начальника управления боевой подготовки ЧФ был переведен начальником управления боевой подготовки Балтийского флота, а теперь вернулся. Генерал-майор Илгар

Беларусь в западне? Беседа с А.Пионтковским, политиком А.Санниковым, экспертом М.Крутихиным

Syria War: 700,000 flee the violence in Idlib


Idlib is the last rebel stronghold in Syria and a province the Syrian army are determined to win back. As the attacks intensify, the UN estimates that over 700,000 civilians are fleeing the violence. With little land to spare for more camps, winter temperatures dipping to as low as minus seven at night and the Turkish authorities refusing to open the border to let them in, conditions are dire. Mark Cutts, UN Deputy Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for Syria, has said that the UN believe this to be one of the biggest displacements of this nine-year war.

Photo: Internally displaced Syrians ride on a vehicle near Idlib Credit: Reuters

source: bbc

Funeral Homes in China's Wuhan 'Working 24/7 to Cremate Bodies'

Funeral homes in central China are working round the clock to cremate bodies during the coronavirus epidemic, while advertising to recruit manual workers to collect dead bodies from people's homes by night, RFA has learned. The Wuchang Funeral Home in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, recently advertised for 20 new members of staff to man a four-hour night shift collecting bodies from their homes. An advertisement seen by RFA offered 4,000 yuan (U.S.$572) for four hours' work. The average monthly salary for city-dwellers in China is around 8,452 yuan (U.S.$1,228.38). The ad calls for applicants aged 16-50 years old, regardless of gender, with "bold and strong" personalities who have no fear of ghosts. Shifts will run from 4.00 p.m. to 4.00 a.m. daily, with the option of earning up to 8,000 yuan a night. The advertisement emerged as the number of deaths of patients confirmed to have the COVID-19

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