Noul procuror general al Bulgariei a ordonat anchetarea tuturor privatizărilor după căderea comunismului

Noul procuror general al Bulgariei a ordonat miercuri revizuirea întregului proces de privatizare care a urmat căderii comunismului, informează presa locală preluată de dpa, citată de Biroul procurorului general Ivan Gheşev a precizat că acesta a încredinţat ancheta Agenţiei Naţionale de Securitate (DANS). După 1989, activele statului bulgar au fost estimate la circa 40 de miliarde de dolari. Procesul de privatizare a fost rapid asociat cu corupţia, din cauza suspiciunilor privind neregulile. Agenţia bulgară pentru privatizare a înregistrat până la sfârşitul lui 2018 venituri de 18,7 miliarde de leva (circa 10,4 miliarde de dolari), consemnează ziarul 24 Ceasa. În momentul respectiv, fuseseră privatizate 66% din proprietăţile de stat, iar noii proprietari mai datorau peste 1 miliard de leva (cursul monedei bulgare fiind fix faţă de moneda

Secretary General Stoltenberg: NATO Provides Support to Turkey

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg held a press conference following the first session of the Meeting of NATO Defense Ministers yesterday (February 12). Addressing the question of a state-run Anadolu Agency (AA) reporter, who asked whether Turkey could "expect any concrete support from the NATO to its ally Turkey" in the face of "military escalation by Russia-backed regime forces in Idlib", Stoltenberg stated the following: 'We condemn brutal use of violence' "The situation in Idlib was raised during our discussion today and what we see there now is the consequences of a brutal use of violence, horrendous attacks against innocent civilians and indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets. "We condemn this because this is something which is not acceptable. And we call on the Russian-backed Assad regime to stop all these attacks, which is killing

Saudi Arabia approves cloud-seeding program to induce more rainfall

Saudi Arabia plans to artificially induce more rainfall in the Kingdom as the cabinet approved on Tuesday a program for cloud-seeding presented by the minister of environment, water, and agriculture. Ayman Ghulam, vice president of the General Authority for Meteorology and Environment Protection, told Al Arabiya on Wednesday tests will be conducted in the Kingdom’s southwest region, and if the experiments are successful the process will be implemented all over the country. To seed a cloud, pilots introduce a chemical agent, commonly silver iodide or salt crystals. It draws moisture to itself, allowing the cloud’s water vapor to condense into droplets and produce rain, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The Kingdom relies mainly on desalinated water and is one of the largest producers of desalinated water in the world

Understanding pandemics: What they mean, don’t mean, and what comes next with the coronavirus

The word “pandemic” is not a comforting one. And yet it is increasingly being bandied about in connection with the spread of the novel coronavirus that emerged from China. U.S. health officials have been signaling for nearly two weeks now that a coronavirus pandemic may be on the horizon. While stressing that the virus presents only a “low risk” to Americans right now, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, acknowledged Tuesday that that might not remain the case for long. “Is there a risk that this is going to turn into a global pandemic? Absolutely, yes,” Fauci said. But what is a pandemic? And if efforts like the quarantining of returning travelers cannot stop spread of the virus, what will? We’re peering into the unknown here, but given the ease with which this coronavirus seems to

Даже по данным Левады уровень доверия Путину за 2 года снизился почти в 2 раза

До сравнению с сентябрем прошлого года рейтинг доверия снизился на четыре процентных пункта. По данным последнего опроса «Левада-Центра» только 35% россиян сейчас доверяют президенту Владимиру Путину. Как пишут «Ведомости» со ссылкой на январский опрос «Левада-центра», в ноябре 2017 года рейтинг доверия президента составил 59%. В то же время с сентября доверие к министру обороны Сергею Шойгу (с 13 до 19%) увеличилось. Кроме того, Левада-центр впервые измерил рейтинг нового премьер-министра Михаила Мишустина: ему доверяют лишь 3% респондентов, ему не доверяют — 4%. Доверие к бывшему премьер-министру Дмитрию Медведеву упало с 9 до 5%. Количество тех, кто никому не доверяет или затруднился ответить, составило 39%. По словам директора

WHO brands coronavirus 'public enemy number one' as it officially names it Covid-19

GUANGZHOU/GENEVA (REUTERS) - The coronavirus outbreak in China may be over by April, the country's senior medical adviser said on Tuesday (Feb 11), but deaths surpassed 1,000 and the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned of a global threat potentially worse than terrorism. The world must "wake up and consider this enemy virus as public enemy number one", WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters, adding the first vaccine is 18 months away. The virus is now officially named Covid-19. As the epidemic squeezed the world's second-biggest economy, Chinese firms struggled to get back to work after the extended Chinese New Year holiday, hundreds of them saying they would need loans running into billions of dollars to stay afloat. Company layoffs were beginning despite assurances by President Xi

Coronavirus: China's death toll climbs to 1,113 as Hubei reports 94 new deaths

BEIJING (AFP, REUTERS) - The number of fatalities from China’s new coronavirus epidemic jumped to 1,113 nationwide on Wednesday (Feb 12) after hard-hit Hubei province reported 94 new deaths. In its daily update, Hubei’s health commission also confirmed another 1,638 new cases in the central province, where the outbreak emerged in December, taking the total in the province to 33,366. The total death toll in the province is now 1,068. Nationwide, the number of infections stood at 44,653 as at Tuesday, according to the National Health Commission. The latest tolls came as the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned of a global threat posed by the virus - officially named Covid-19 - potentially worse than terrorism. The world must “wake up and consider this enemy virus as public enemy number one”, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told

Вашингтон намерен потратить 700 млн. долларов на противодействие гибридной агрессии России

Белый дом предложил выделить более 700 миллионов долларов из бюджета США на противодействие гибридной агрессии (в официальных терминах «влиянию России»). Об этом говорится в проекте бюджета, опубликованном на сайте Белого дома. Деньги планируется потратить на: - помощь Европе, Евразии и Центральной Азии в обеспечении безопасности, - защиту территориальной целостности союзников США, - поддержку усилий стран-партнеров по отказу от российского военного оборудования, - устранить слабые стороны в макроэкономической среде, которые правительство России стремится эксплуатировать, например, зависимость от энергии или торговли. Еще 24 миллиона планируется выделить Центру глобального взаимодействия для противодействия русской пропаганде и дезинформации. В документе Белого дома Россия

Россия экстренно отправляет авиагоспиталь Ил-76 в Сирию. «Ихтамнеты» несут потери

Сообщается, что Россия перебросила в Сирию летающий госпиталь. Самолет «Ил-76» с идентификационным номером RF-86906 был замечен на подлете к российской авиабазе в Латакии. Об этом сообщает Телеграм-канал «Записки охотника», который отслеживает перемещение российской военной авиации. В сообщении отмечается, что летающий госпиталь «Ил-76» никогда не осуществляет вылеты без необходимости. «Сегодня в Сирию снова прибыл летающий госпиталь «Ил-76» RF-86906 (который никогда просто так не летает)», - пишет автор Телеграм-канала. Комментаторы отмечают, что на фоне резко усилившихся военных действий в провинции Идлиб асадиты и русские несут большие потери. Переброска летающего

Падение Запада: основа миропорядка разрушается

"Крупнейшая в мире встреча политиков, отвечающих за вопросы обороны и внешней политики, будет посвящена поиску ответов на глобальные кризисы. Ясно лишь одно: США и Европа потеряли свое превосходство", - пишет немецкое издание Handelsblatt. Конференция по безопасности, которая пройдет с пятницы по воскресенье в Мюнхене, вероятно, будет нести отпечаток беспомощности Запада, отмечает журналистка Доната Ридель. По словам руководителя конференции Вольфганга Ишингера, "Запад, являвшийся основой миропорядка, попал под давление". В докладе, который представил в понедельник Ишингер, и вовсе идет речь о его распаде. "США и страны Европы как минимум с начала президентства Дональда Трампа более не преследуют одинаковые цели", - говорится в статье. "Также и европейцы между собой уже давно не так едины, как

With Turkish artillery support, rebels recover a town north-east of Idlib

Regime jets kill six civilians in Idlib city. SOHR activists documented the killing of six civilians in a new massacre committed by regime jets after targeting different places in Idlib city. The death toll is expected to increase due to the presence of injuries some of whom are in serious conditions. Separately, opposition factions and jihadi groups recovered Al-Nayrab town to the north-east of Idlib city, after fierce clashes against the regime forces and loyalists and under a cover of intense Turkish artillery fire. Turkish forces and the factions also fired rockets and guided missiles targeting regime positions which caused destruction of several vehicles affiliated to the regime. Meanwhile, the Turkish forces stationed in Qumaynas shot down a regime helicopter while flying over Qumaynas – Al-Nayrab

Путин создаёт аналог отрядов СС из ФСО

Федеральная служба охраны сможет использовать танки и авиацию. Правительственная комиссия по Законодательной деятельности поддержала законопроект депутатов Государственной Думы, который позволил сотрудникам Федеральной службы охраны (ФСО) использовать военную технику. Об этом сообщается в проекте официального отзыва Кабмина, утвержденном на заседании комиссии, — сообщает ТАСС. В законопроекте предлагается предусмотреть, что офицеры ФСО «имеют право применять физическую силу, специальные средства, оружие и боевую технику» лично или в составе подразделения, а командиры имеют право использовать их в определенных случаях и порядке. Также предлагается предоставить органам государственной охраны право

Coronavirus: Death toll surges as virus-hit Hubei sacks health chief

SHANGHAI (AFP, REUTERS, BLOOMBERG) - The death toll from the coronavirus epidemic in mainland China soared past 1,000 on Tuesday (Feb 11) with a record daily rise in fatalities. Hundreds of Chinese firms say they will need billions of dollars in loans to stay afloat and layoffs have begun, despite assurances by President Xi Jinping that widespread sackings would be avoided. Another 108 new coronavirus deaths were reported on Tuesday, a daily record, bringing the total number of people killed in the country to 1,016, the National Health Commission said. There were 2,478 new confirmed cases on the mainland on Monday, down from 3,062 on the previous day, bringing the total to 42,638. It was the second time in the past two weeks that authorities recorded a daily drop in new cases, but the World Health Organisation (WHO)

Coronavirus: Senior Chinese officials 'removed' as death toll hits 1,000

China has "removed" several senior officials over their handling of the coronavirus outbreak - as the death toll passed 1,000. The party secretary for the Hubei Health Commission, and the head of the commission, were among those who lost their jobs. They are the most senior officials to be demoted so far. The deputy director of the local Red Cross was also removed for "dereliction of duty" over "handling of donations". The two Hubei party officials will be replaced by a national figure - the deputy director of China's National Health Commission, Wang Hesheng. On Monday, some 103 died in Hubei province alone, a daily record, and the national death toll is now 1,016. But the number of new infections nationally was down almost 20% from the day before, from 3,062 to 2,478. Hubei's health commission confirmed 2,097 new cases in the

Exclusive: Coronavirus outbreak may be over in China by April - expert

GUANGZHOU, China (Reuters) - The coronavirus outbreak is hitting a peak in China this month and may be over by April, the government’s senior medical adviser said on Tuesday, in the latest assessment of an epidemic that has rattled the world. In an interview with Reuters, Zhong Nanshan, an 83-year-old epidemiologist who won fame for combating the SARS epidemic in 2003, shed tears about the doctor Li Wenliang who died last week after being reprimanded for raising the alarm. But Zhong was optimistic the new outbreak would soon slow, with the number of new cases already declining in some places. The peak should come in middle or late February, followed by a plateau and decrease, Zhong said, basing the forecast on mathematical modelling, recent events and government action. “I hope this outbreak or this event may be over

Как живется под тотальным карантином в провинциальном китайском городке?

source: voa

Latest on coronavirus spreading in China and beyond

(Reuters) - Here are the latest developments around the coronavirus outbreak: ** China reported 108 more deaths on Tuesday, taking the total toll in the country to 1,016. ** There were 2,478 new confirmed cases on the mainland on Feb. 10, down from 3,062 on the previous day, bringing the total to 42,638, the National Health Commission said. ** China’s Hubei province, the epicentre of the outbreak, reported 2,097 new cases and 103 new deaths on Feb. 10, the local health authority said. ** There are 319 cases in 24 other countries and territories, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Chinese health officials. ** Hubei province has dismissed the Communist Party boss and a director of the provincial health commission amid widespread public criticism of the authorities handling of the epidemic. ** The 13th case of the coronavirus

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