Минобороны Болгарии сообщило о планах приобретения бронетехники для Сухопутных войск страны

ЦАМТО, 10 августа. Министерство обороны Болгарии разместило информацию о проекте закупки 150 боевых бронированных машин для Сухопутных войск. Ранее 17-страничный документ был одобрен Советом министров Болгарии. Как сообщает Jane's Defence Weekly, стоимость проекта модернизации вооружений СВ Болгарии оценивается в 1,224 млрд. левов (722 млн. долл.), из которых 810 млн. левов выделяется на приобретение не менее 90 боевых бронированных машин и 414 млн. левов на поставку 60 специальных и вспомогательных машин. Кроме того, планируется направить 40 млн. левов на приобретения соответствующего оборудования, документации, обучение личного состава, тренажеров, автоматизированной системы

Russia, Iran, and three others agree Caspian status, but not borders

AKTAU, Kazakhstan (Reuters) - Iran and four ex-Soviet nations, including Russia, agreed in principle on Sunday how to divide up the potentially huge oil and gas resources of the Caspian Sea, paving way for more energy exploration and pipeline projects. However, the delimitation of the seabed - which has caused most disputes - will require additional agreements between littoral nations, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said. For almost three decades, the five littoral states - Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan - have argued over how to divide the world’s biggest enclosed body of water. And while some countries have pressed ahead with large offshore projects such as the Kashagan oil field off Kazakhstan’s coast, disagreement over

The Pentagon is rethinking its multibillion-dollar relationship with U.S. defense contractors to stress supply chain security

The Pentagon has a new goal aimed at protecting its $100 billion supply chain from foreign theft and sabotage: To base its weapons contract awards on security assessments — not just cost and performance — a move that would mark a fundamental shift in department culture. The goal, based on a strategy called Deliver Uncompromised, comes as American defense firms are increasingly vulnerable to data breaches, a risk highlighted earlier this year by China’s alleged theft of sensitive informationrelated to undersea warfare, and the Pentagon’s decision last year to ban software made by the Russian firm Kaspersky Lab. “The department is examining ways to designate security as a metric within the acquisition process,” Maj. Audricia Harris, a Pentagon spokeswoman, said in a statement. “Determinations [currently] are based on cost, schedule, and performance. The department’s goal is to elevate security to be on par with cost, schedule, and performance.” The strategy was written by the Mitre Corp., a not-for-profit company that runs federally funded research centers, and the firm released a copy of its report Monday. “The major goal is to move our suppliers, the defense industrial base and the rest of the private sector who contribute to the supply chain, beyond a posture of compliance — to owning the problem with us,” said Chris Nissen, director of asymmetric threat response at Mitre. Harris said the Pentagon will review Mitre’s recommendations before proceeding. She added that the Department of Defense, working with Congress and industry, “is already advancing to elevate security within the supply chain.” Testifying to Congress in June, Kari Bingen, the Pentagon’s deputy undersecretary for intelligence, said: “We must have confidence that industry is delivering capabilities, technologies and weapon systems that are uncompromised by our adversaries, secure from cradle to grave.” Security should be seen not as a “cost burden,” she told the House Armed Services Committee, “but as a major factor in their competitiveness for U.S. government business.” The new strategy is necessary, officials say, because U.S. adversaries can degrade the military’s battlefield and technological advantage by using “blended operations” — hacking and stealing valuable data, manipulating software to sabotage command and control systems or cause weapons to fail, and potentially inducing a defense firm employee to insert a faulty component or chip into a system. “A modern aircraft may have more than 10 million lines of code,” Mitre’s report said. “Combat systems of all types increasingly employ sensors, actuators and software-activated control devices.” The term “Deliver Uncompromised” grew out of a 2010 meeting of senior counterintelligence policy officials, some of whom lamented that the Defense Department was tolerating contractors repeatedly delivering compromised capabilities to the Pentagon and the intelligence community. Addressing the security issue requires greater participation by counterintelligence agencies, which can detect threats against defense firms, the report said, and ideally, the government should establish a National Supply Chain Intelligence Center to monitor threats and issue warnings to all government agencies. Ultimately, the military’s senior leaders bearresponsibility for securing the supply chain and must be held accountable for it, the report said. The Defense Department, though one of the world’s largest equipment purchasers, cannot control all parts of the supplier base. Nonetheless, it has influence over the companies it contracts with as it is the principal source of business for thousands of companies. It can shape behavior through its contracts to enhance supply chain security, the report said. Legislation will be needed to provide incentives to defense and other private sector companies to boost security, Mitre said. Congress should pass laws that shield firms from being sued if they share information about their vulnerabilities that could help protect other firms against cyberattacks; or if they are hacked by a foreign adversary despite using advanced cybersecurity technologies. Contractors should be given incentives such as tax breaks to embrace supply chain security, the report suggested. The Department of Homeland Security is addressing the security of the information technology supply chainthrough its newly established National Risk Management Center. “What we’re saying is you should be looking at what vendors are doing to shore up their cybersecurity practices to protect the supply chain,” said Christopher Krebs, DHS undersecretary for the National Protection and Programs Directorate. The National Counterintelligence and Security Center, an agency of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence that coordinates the government’s counterintelligence strategy, said in a report last month that software supply chain infiltration has already threatened U.S. critical infrastructure and is poised to endanger other sectors. According to the NCSC, last year “represented a watershed in the reporting of software supply chain” attacks. There were “numerous events involving hackers targeting software supply chains with backdoors for cyber espionage, organizational disruption or demonstrable financial impact,” the agency found. source: washington post

Швеция и США подписали соглашение о продаже систем ПВО/ПРО «Пэтриот»


ЦАМТО, 13 августа. Компании Raytheon и Lockheed Martin 10 августа объявили о подписании представителями правительств Швеции и США письма с предложением и принятием предложения о покупке систем ПВО/ПРО «Пэтриот». Следующий

Crisis in Sea of Azov: Ukraine's Air Force getting ready to counter Russian aggression


Aviation is Ukraine's only available way to counteract the Russians at sea. Ukraine's Air Force is getting ready to counter Russian aggression, as Mil Mi-24 attack helicopters and Sukhoi Su-25 attack aircraft flying a few dozen meters above the beach with holidaymakers at the Sea of Azov are only taking part in drills. "[This is needed] to constantly improve the flight crews' skills to counter

В Черное море вошел эсминец ВМС США Carney

ВАШИНГТОН, 13 авг — РИА Новости. Эсминец «Карни», который оснащен системой противоракетной обороны Aegis, вошел в воскресенье в Черное море, сообщает Шестой флот ВМС США. «Арли Берк, ракетный эскадренный миноносец «Карни» (USS Carney DDG-64), вошел в Черное море 12 августа для проведения операций по обеспечению безопасности на море и для улучшения возможностей взаимодействия с союзниками и партнерами в регионе», — говорится в сообщении. «Прибытие «Карни» в Черное море демонстрирует нашу неизменную приверженность безопасности и стабильности в регионе», — заявил командующий «Карни» Тайсон Юнг. «Наше время, проведенное здесь, поможет нам улучшить взаимодействие и обмен

В ходе протестов в Бухаресте пострадали более 400 человек


Более 400 человек пострадали в ходе массовых протестов в Бухаресте. Протестующие по всей Румынии требуют отставки правительства и проведения новых парламентских выборов. Они обвиняют правящую Социал-демократическую партию в коррупции и называют ее "Партией воров". По разным данным, всего в акциях протеста приняли участие от 60 до 100 тысяч

Șef din Jandarmeria București sub anonimat: Niște căcați dintre noi s-au făcut valeți la PSD. Sper să fie dezbrăcați de această haină nobilă, Doamne-ajută că n-a murit nimeni!

Un șef de detașament din Jandarmeria București a declarat în această seară pentru Comisarul.ro, sub protecția anonimatului, din motive evidente, că ceea ce s-a întâmplat vineri seara la protestul Diasporei este consecința compromisurilor unora dintre șefii Jandarmeriei Române. El îi acuză pe unii șefi că „s-au făcut valeți la PSD” și că numai printr-o minune nu au existat răniți grav și chiar morți vineri seara. „Domnule, vineri noapte această armă nobilă a avut mare cumpănă. La fel și oamenii aceia nevinovați din Piață. Se putea ajunge la lucruri grave de tot din cauza unor inconștienți care au aruncat instituția în brațele unora de la PSD. Doamne-ajută că n-a murit nimeni! Pentru că acești căcați, să mă scuzați, s-au făcut valeți la PSD. Sunt sigur că procurorii își vor face treaba și acești oameni fără onoare vor fi dezbrăcați de această haină nobilă. Pe care, de vineri noapte, o poartă ilegal, nedemn”, a declarat ofițerul de

Românii ies în stradă astăzi cu măști de gaze: Vom plânge mai puțin. FOTO


După episodul de ieri, de la proteste, românii din Diaspora se pregătesc să iasă astăzi din nou în stradă. Oamenii au anunțat că astăzi se vor pregăti cu măști împotriva gazelor, pentru a nu mai inhala fumul toxic. Iată fotografia și mesajul transmis: "Arătăm cumva Nu radeti. Ne-am invatat minte. Diseară vom plânge mai puțin," a scris Cezar Fănaru pe contul său de socializare. sursa: stiridiaspora.ro

Греция отзывает своего посла из России

АФИНЫ, 10 августа, ФедералПресс. Официальной информации пока нет. Греческие СМИ со ссылкой на дипломатические источники сообщают, что Афины отзывают своего посла Андреаса Фриганаса из России на фоне обострения двусторонних отношений. Сегодня ему поступило решение об отзыве, принятое министром иностранных дел Никосом Котзиасом. Другие

Jurnaliști austrieci BATUȚI de jandarmi. CANCELARUL Austriei cere lămuriri


Doi jurnaliști austrieci au fost bătuți de către jandarmi deși aveau legitimațiile de presă la vedere și le-au spus explicit jandarmilor că sunt reprezentanții presei . După acest incident Clubul jurnliștilor austrieci i-au trimis o scrisoare de protest ministrului de Interne, Carmen Dan. Ei au precizat că potrivit convențiilor europene jurnaliștii trebuie protejați și nu agresați. Jurnaliştii au fost agresaţi în

SRI: Directorul Eduard Hellvig a discutat la telefon cu premierul Dăncilă şi i-a reamintit că toate datele şi informaţiile deţinute de Serviciu au fost transmise operativ structurilor MAI; condamnăm implicarea SRI în dispute politice, organizare de protes


Serviciul Român de Informaţii (SRI) transmite sâmbătă, referitor la solicitarea premierului Viorica Dăncilă de a prezenta un raport complet referitor la persoanele care au pregătit şi provocat violenţele, precum şi la modul în care au acţionat instituţiile statului român, că directorul Eduard Hellvig a discutat la telefon cu Dăncilă, căreia i-a reamintit că toate datele şi informaţiile pe care le

Parchetul militar anchetează Jandarmeria. A deschis dosar penal cu privire la intervenția în forță

„Biroul de informare şi relaţii publice din cadrul Parchetului de pe lângă Înalta Curte de Casaţie şi Justiţie anunță că procurorii militari s-au sesizat din oficiu și au deschis dosar penal cu privire la intervenția în forță a jandarmilor în timpul protestului de vineri seară din București.

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