Russian defence minister summarises modernisation progress in 2017

Shoigu has summarised Russia 's military modernisation progress over the past year

The State Defence Order for 2017 has been accomplished “almost to the full extent”, the minister claimed

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu summarised the Russian armed forces’ progress with military modernisation in 2017 at an extended board session of the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) on 22 December.


“Three missile regiments of the Strategic Missile Forces [RVSN] have been rearmed with up-to-date Yars mobile [intercontinental ballistic] missile systems [ICBMs],” he said, adding that “the aviation component of the strategic nuclear forces has received three upgraded aircraft this year”.

He said the “command of an army and 18 military units and formations have been established with the Land Force [SV]” and that “the troops have received 2,055 brand new and upgraded items of hardware that have been issued to three formations and 11 units”.


In terms of aviation assets, Shoigu said that a “military transport aviation division and a special aviation division have been established with the Aerospace Forces [VKS]”, which have received “191 modern fixed- and rotary-wing platforms and 143 items of anti-air and anti-missile defence hardware”, adding that “in December the Joint Space System was put into operation”.


Shoigu noted that the Russian Navy “has taken delivery of 10 surface ships and boats, 13 logistic support vessels, and four Bal and Bastion mobile coastal defence missile systems”, while Russia’s Naval Aviation units have “received 15 modern planes and helicopters”. The command of the 14th Army Corps, he added, “has been deployed with the Northern Fleet”.


Detached air assault battalions and repair-and-recovery battalions have been established with the Airborne Troops (VDV) and 184 brand new armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) and self-propelled guns have been supplied, the minister noted.

source: news now


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