Ukraine's NSDC chief, NATO leadership discuss possible expansion of military programs

It is important to enhance cooperation between Ukraine and NATO to maintain security in Europe, Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov said after a recent working visit to NATO's European headquarters, where he held talks with the Alliance's military leadership.


The parties discussed the possible enlargement of military programs which can be implemented with Ukraine's involvement, the NSDC press service said. Ukraine does not plan to reduce its contribution to international operations carried out by NATO and the Alliance's Rapid Response Forces, Turchynov said.


The sides also considered improving information exchange between Ukraine's and NATO's intelligence bodies and cooperating to protect against cyber aggression.


It is important for Ukraine to shift to modern systems of analysis and decision-making and advanced IT, "which make it possible to perform a rapid and quality analysis of the situation, using all available information sources, and respond to modern challenges on time and adequately," Turchynov said. "In this context, it is extremely important for us to study NATO's experience," he said.

Source: interfax

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