Polish defence minister meets Pentagon chief, urges more US troops in Europe

Poland’s defence minister said he discussed the issue of increasing US troop presence in Europe and strengthening NATO during his meeting with Pentagon chief James Mattis.

The talks in Washington on Thursday also focused on a "potential increase in Poland's involvement in areas that are particularly important to the United States,” Antoni Macierewicz told reporters.

He also said he had invited Mattis, the US secretary of defence, for further talks in Warsaw.

Macierewicz said Poland wanted to work closely with US troops amid a potential threat from Russia. He added that Poland and the United States had agreed to set up a special working group to synchronise the operations and operational plans of both armies.

This should be done as quickly as possible “because it is evident that the pressure on the Russian side is so great that it requires prompt action," Macierewicz told a press conference.

He also said that Warsaw was interested in acquiring American defence systems as soon as possible, naming two types of weaponry: Patriot missile defence systems and mobile missile launchers for Poland's Homar (Lobster) programme.

He added that both parties had reaffirmed their shared view that they would strive for decisions to be made by the end of this year.

Prior to his meeting with Mattis, Macierewicz attended a panel session on adapting NATO to new challenges.

Source: the news

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