Serbian President announces that he wants to obtain the S-300 missile systems from Russia or Belarus

The new president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, stated that Serbia would like to acquire S-300 surface-to-air missile system, as reported by the Serbian television station RTS.

Along with the announcement, Vučić noted that Belgrade is discussing the possibility of obtaining the S-300 system not just from Russia, but from with Belarus. At the moment, there is no agreement for the delivery of the surface-to-air missile system from any country to Belgrade.


The Prime Minister of Serbia said that he personally spoke with Putin and Lukashenko about acquiring the S-300 system.


“I mentioned this at the meeting with President Putin, and we talked about it. I also discussed it with President Lukashenko,” Vučić said. The acquisition of the S-300 would be a solution for Serbia “for many years to come,” he added.


In addition, Vučić commented on rumors about Russia delivering S-300 systems to Croatia, ignoring the UN embargo in the 1990s. He stressed that after Russian authorities officially denied these charges, there was no further reason to discuss it. Vučić also said that the S-300 systems are “not like a needle that can be hidden.”


Earlier, in an official statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry denied the supply of Russian missile systems to Croatia  bypassing the UN embargo.


Aleksandar Vucic, the former Prime Minister of Serbia, won the election of the head of state in the first round of elections on April 2nd. After the election, the new Serbian President thanked Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the support.

Source: uawire

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